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Inspiron 15 5000 series - Slow performance. CPU Stuck at 0,75ghz?

Hi Guys!

I've recently purchased an Inspiron 15 5000 series and have noticed that performance is unusually slow for the specs, especially since coming from an Asus G73JH that was about 4 years old.

I've noticed that in the Task Manager on Windows 8, that CPU usage never goes above 30% and although the CPU is listed as an i7-4510u @ 2.00ghz, the Speed on the Task Manager page generally sits at 0.75ghz and never goes above 0.79ghz (generally when it goes above 0.75ghz, it for a brief moment).

I've been Googling this problem for a little while now and the only person I've found with a successful solution to this problem was on a desktop and had to replace their CMOS battery. Considering I'm on a laptop, I'd imagine this would void my warranty somewhat :P

I've run the Dell Support program and all the tests pass. I've also installed all the drivers from the Dell site (including the BIOS update) and all my Windows Updates are up to date. If anyone has a suggestion for what could fix my problem, I'm all ears :) I quite like the laptop, so would like to fix this problem :)

Thanks everyone,


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Hi, what machine did you install the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility on?

I'm trying on my E5440 i5-4300U but it says "unsupported platform".


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For some reason, Intel SpeedStep was disabled in my BIOS.

For anyone else experiencing this issue:

  1. Restart your machine
  2. When the Dell logo appears, tap F2 repeatedly
  3. Go to the Advanced tab -> Intel SpeedStep and change to Enabled.

Thanks to Geeta Prasad from Dell Support for helping!

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I've just downloaded the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility to run the benchmark function for comparison. It appears that I'm not doing so well, haha:

It also revealed that the CPU does go above 30% usage and has no problem going to 100%, but the clock frequency never goes above 800mhz. I'm guessing that the usage graph in Windows Task Manager is a calculation of current frequency/usage/max frequency for that cpu, which would explain why it never goes above about 1/3.

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Thanks for the reply :)

I should have explained that part a little better. The machine is used for web development, so I'll have Apache, MySQL, Compass, GIT, Photoshop, an IRC client, Skype, multiple text editors, multiple tabs of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and  few other things open at once. The browsers on their own are enough to put some load on machines larger than this :)

I've also checked the power settings for the machine and have adjusted everything to full performance, including the processor min and max processor state to 100%. 

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The CPU will only run as fast as needed by the current load -- are you doing anything demanding (gaming, video editing), or just using the system for web browsing, email, word processing, etc. (in which case there won't be much system load)?

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