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Inspiron 15 (5558) SSD Upgrade

I was wanting to upgrade my Inspiron 5558 from HDD to SSD, but I am having problems finding compatible SSD. Also I was wondering if I could keep my HDD which holds my all file, but download certain things onto my SSD if I need them to be. I saw some posts about being able to have two hard drives if you have a optical drive which I do.  Please help me out and thank you

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You can move the hard drive to an optical bay caddy (Dell doesn't make or support these, but others do sell them).

You'll need a standard 2.5" 7 mm SATA SSD -- NOT a card drive, which this model does not support.  You'll also need to prepare recovery media, since you'll want the operating system installed on the SSD - not on the much slower hard drive.

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Can I use 9.5mm caddy case to replace optical drive with ssd / hdd on my inspiron 5558

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