Inspiron 15 5559 Graphics driver problems

This is a complicated issue that I've tried very hard for the past month to fix, I've tried absolutely everything I can think of to fix this issue and too explain it I will discuss my thought process:

This is a brand new Dell Inspiron 15-5559 laptop. When I first started the laptop there were no noticeable problems with the laptop, aside from the bloatware. All of a sudden after using the laptop for a couple of days, I noticed that youtube video were no longer working. When trying to view a youtube video, it loads the first frame but will not play it. After refreshing the page the video then tells me "An error has occurred. Please try again later.":

I then used a different browser instead of chrome, trying: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. The issue still persists.

I then decided to try restarting the laptop multiple times and youtube was still not working. I decided due to the bloatware anyway to reinstall Windows 10 entirely to both fix the problem and remove the bloatware. After reinstalling all drivers everything was working fine again.

Again, after a couple days of usage, youtube stopped working again. After attempting all sorts of flash and browser specific fixes, the problem was still happening. I finally decided to try reinstalling my graphics drivers, both the Intel HD Graphics 520 drivers and the AMD drivers. The problem was then fixed.

However, after restarting the computer again the problem came back. YouTube stopped working again. I then tried to reinstall the graphics drivers again. The problem was fixed, then after restarting again. The problem appears again. This loop still continues: reinstalling the drivers fixes the problem, then after restarting the computer it breaks again.

The next thing I tried was to instead of using Dell's specific Intel HD Graphics Drivers, I used the generic ones from Intel's website that contained a much newer version:

This did not work.

I then began to wonder if Windows 10 was automatically installing drivers causing it to break, so i disabed automatic install of drivers:

I have also edited registry to make sure that drivers were not automatically installed by Windows 10. This still did not fix the problem.

I have tried so so so many things to fix this issue, the only temporary fix to this issue is to reinstall the drivers every time I start the computer.

(Not that this does not just affect YouTube, but any OpenGL application says its running but never opens a window)

Is anyone having a similar issue to this? I am using the very latest version of everything including Windows 10. Is it possible for me to only use my dedicated AMD graphics card to handle everything?

Any help at all would be hugely appreciated.

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