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Inspiron 15 5567 display colour calibration problem solved

I have an Inspiron 15 5567 and the display was driving me mad with completely wrong colours. There is not much I could do about the horrendous glare but at least I finally figured out how to calibrate the display and keep it that way.

Calibration with Spyder Pro and Display Cal managed to get the display of photos right in software using colour management but the colors of Windows 10 were all over the place, light green appeared yelllow, light grey was pink especially in scrollbars and buttons.

The screen showed accurate colours when picking the calibrated colour scheme (Settings-Display-Advanced Display Options - Color Profile) until I closed the dialogue and everything changed back to wrong colours.

At fault is the useless bloatware addon "True Color". As soon as "True Color" is disabled the display shows all colours as calibrated.

If you want to use this laptop for photo editing, disable "True Color", create a calibration for running on mains power and a calibration for running on battery. I am not endorsing Spyder or any other manufacturer, this approach should work with any colour calibrator.

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