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Inspiron 15 7000 (7537) touchpad frustrating!

Hello all,

I recently purchased a new Inspiron 15 7000 (7537) with Windows 8.  I'm getting used to Windows 8, but really struggling with the integrated touchpad.  It's getting so frustrating I'm considering returning it.  The problems are hard to pin down, but in general:

-I often get the right click shortcut menu, when I'm just trying to click.  I've even changed both the right and left hand buttons to both be "click" (and neither be shortcut menu), but I still get the shortcut menu a lot.

-Sometimes the cursor gets stuck and doesn't respond to movements.  I've tried adjusting the touch sensitivity and disabled palm detection.  No change.

Any advice?


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Hi Bill,

Don't have the laptop myself yet but others have suggested uninstalling the Dell touchpad drivers and installing the ones directly from Symantec's site.

I'll link you to this owners thread, might get more help there :emotion-2:

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 I am also having an issue with the touchpad. I tried the synaptics touchpad driver. It fixed one of the problems which was the eratic scrolling using 2 fingers, though I am still experiencing an issue with the using the touchpad point and click button.

When I am trying to click on an icon, hold it down and move it, the cursor jumps to a corner. 

Anyone figure a way to fix this issue?


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Same experience here.  I switched to the synaptics driver, and it is much better, but I still have the cursor jumping problem.  

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Same experience here.  I switched to the synaptics driver,  but I still have the cursor jumping problem. 

I have read that you should remove the old driver first and another that I cannot remember at the moment.

I found this thread while looking for the full method of updating the touchpad system.

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Some more information here:-
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I hope you returned yours. My return period ended before I realized it and I absolutely HATE this horrible touchpad. It is far too large, the lack of tactile buttons makes it difficult to center my hand and the sharp edge of the design is hurting my hand. At least 2/3 time I am pressing the right "button" instead. Terrible, terrible design in a critical area. Keyboard is fine, but I am not sure if I would even sell this to anyone.
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Overall we like the Inspiron 15 7000 (7537) it looks and feels like a more expensive Apple laptop with its near all aluminium construction. The sharp edges are not a problem in use because the palm resting area is so large.

The keyboard does have the standard raised bumps on the keys F and J so locating keys is not a problem.

I like the large touch pad as it allows for more precise longer cursor movements.

The Inspiron 15 performance is stunning for the price.


The touchpad's interaction with windows 8 and 8.1 is awful and needs correcting, perhaps by Dell liaising with the driver supplier and Microsoft.

A redeeming feature is the touchpad screen, which allows an alternative interactive method and thus a change in hand arm movement.


P.S. If you dislike Microsoft's move to make PC and laptops look like mobile phones go to and make 8.1 look and feel like windows 7 :emotion-1:

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I'm having a similar issue.  Bought a 15.6 7000 brand new and my pointer jumps around when "tap-to-click" is enabled in the Dell trackpad settings.  Right now I have it disabled and there is no jumping.

The settings took a bit of tweaking.  Out of the box I was creating selection boxes I did not intend on creating.  At first I thought I just needed to get used to the trackpad, but it has been a couple weeks and it still bugs me.  I bumped up the palm rejection and bumped down the sensitivity (and turned off tap-to-click) and although it's better, it's still pretty bad.

Dell, please address this issue!


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Yes it needs fixing!

This problem is giving this beautiful laptop a bad name.

Thanks for the information DJOHNH; I will study your method of ameliorating the annoyance. 


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