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Inspiron 15 (7537, Mid 2013) Does my laptop have nvidia GPU or not?

So my father gifted this computer to me for my college graduation and I've enjoyed thus far but I recently wanted to start using it for more than work.
I see a lot of forums and images with the 7537 having nvidia inside but from all my research I cannot find that this model that I have has the nvidia GPU inside of it.
There was a concern earlier with this laptop - it showed that it should have a lit keyboard but it doesn't seem to work. I wasn't concerned about this because it really didn't bother me. However I wanted to test using this laptop for some gaming since my desktop is so old but realized it only uses a integrated basic gpu. Am I missing something and if this model really doesn't have the gpu in it, is there an alternative to getting one in it?

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RE: Inspiron 15 (7537, Mid 2013) Does my laptop have nvidia GPU or not?

The Inspiron 15 7537 has Intel HD 4400 graphics by default but can be ordered with a discreet NVIDIA GT 750m GPU.  The Nvidia GPU isn't shipped by default, only the Intel HD 4400 is, the NVIDIA chip must be asked for specifically when ordering.

The notebook should ship with a backlit keyboard by default.   Try pressing the FN key with the F10 key together and check if that turns on the keyboard light. 

I am going to send a friend request, please accept it, that way I can get your system information and verify if it shipped with the Nvidia chip or not.


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