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Inspiron 15-7559 issues

New laptop arrived today.

First boot no issues, second boot, error message which locked the system as follows:

"Display driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 353.82 stopped responding and has successfully recovered"

Whole system froze, left it for thirty minutes then had to turn off using the power button, and the same thing happened again, restarted, system ran tests, this time it booted okay, so downloaded latest Nvidia drives and updated the system, all on the system fine, then it rebooted and I got a BSOD that it was impossible to recover from the system basically just rebooted on to the same screen on a regular basis this one is

"DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION", google sends up some many potential answers, finally got in to the advanced system menu and rebooted into safe mode, removed 960M from device manager and then rebooted, no issues.

Ten minutes later, BSOD as above.

Resetting windows and it is buggered, still have the DPC_Watchdog_Violation.

Anything we can do about this or it is just a return and refund?

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RE: Inspiron 15-7559 issues

Can a dell agent please help on this issue!! This is a problem that no one has solved!! Dell keeps wanting me to pay for a fee of 160$ to fix it. Please help dell!!!!!!!!!!


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