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Inspiron 1501 Max Upgrades?

I know, I know.  I have a technological "dinosaur" in my lap.

That being said, I am curious as to what the max upgrades are for my Inspiron 1501.  Yes, I know, the first thing I need to do is to upgrade to WinXP 64-bit (no, I'm not going to 7...  Too much of a system hog for my tastes, and Vista is just plain horrible).  I'm not looking to play Crysis.  I just want to make this thing last as long as possible with some decent speed.

My current configuration is as follows:

AMD Turion 64x2 TL-64 processor at 2.2 GHz

4GB DDR2 PC-6400 (or whatever it is...  my generic RAM isn't telling me) RAM at 800 MHz.  Running the XP /4gt tag in the startup options and still only seeing 2.62 GB, oh well...

160 GB 5400 RPM Hitachi SATA HDD...  I need to get a 7200 RPM drive again as my only one is a downgrade to 120 GB...  This one was free so it doesn't matter much.  I'm not using that much of it anyways, so I'm not too worried about upgrading this ATM.  I'm not looking for a solid state drive or card to go in the HDD port.

DVD-RW drive (the good one except without LightScribe)

The GOOD Dell 802.11n network adapter (wired network chip disabled in BIOS)

BIOS version 2.6.3...  Was forced to upgrade with the whole AC adapter/battery issue.  Probably going to need to get a new one of both soon enough (battery is old and the laptop end of the AC adapter is coming apart).

I already know that the fastest processor the system can handle is the TL-66 (or possibly the 68).  What I don't understand is why I can find a TL-64 like mine on eBay all day long for $20 and the cheapest I can find the TL-66 is over $60?  I could swear that the TL-66 is at least 5 years old or better.  And at least one full generation behind.

I have read a thread where some people have reported running 8GB of RAM...  Anyone still running this with some measure of stability?

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Re: Inspiron 1501 Max Upgrades?

Umm...  Okay then.  I'll just talk to myself.

Got XP x64 Professional.  It's installed on the HDD that came with this laptop, the 60 GB I haven't used in forever (no, I'm not on x64 right now, I'm still working out bugs!)  Have all drivers EXCEPT for the ATI IGP Xpress 1150 display driver.  I've downloaded at least 2 different versions now and all I get is an error message "Display Driver not found".  Well, isn't that kind of supposed to be in the install package?  Duh!  Catalyst Control Center is installed, but apparently I can't get DirectX support without the IGP Xpress driver.  I can't even run the 3D Pipes screensaver right now.  x64 is using the MS generic VGA adapter driver, and won't even look at another.

Bought a TL-66 (actually found one for under $30 if you can believe it!) and should have it shortly.  I need to clean the crud out of the fan assembly again anyways, so it's a good time to swap it out.  Looking into getting a Seagate 7200 RPM hard drive as well.

So far, x64 is MUCH faster than Home, due to recognizing another full GB of RAM (3.73 GB as opposed to 2.62).  I'm looking into trying 8 GB of RAM to see if it holds up.  But, then, I haven't gotten everything I use installed yet.

I have a question.  I have DISABLED the use of the paging file in the System Properties.  I don't want it.  It's unnecessary (4GB of RAM!  It's not a server!), and it's too slow compared to the RAM.  So why does even XP itself still say I'm using a paging file?  I want it eradicated!  I've been trying to kill the stupid thing for 3 years now, since I first went to the 4 GB of RAM!

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Re: Inspiron 1501 Max Upgrades?

For info on the page file


AMD/ATI never released drivers for XP64 -- and in ten months, XP goes away completely so it's not much of an issue.

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RE: Inspiron 1501 Max Upgrades?

Actually, XP losing support is a BIG issue for me.  I am NEVER going to go to anything newer.  Heck, if I could, I'd be running 98SE on every computer I own (I hate XP with a passion but everything else but 98SE is even worse).  XP is enough of a memory hog, Vista is just plain horrific, 7, IMO, is just a prettied-up Vista, and 8 is definitely a no-go (if I wanted a touchscreen OS on my computer I'd buy a tablet!), and all are even worse in terms of being memory hogs.

Guess I'm never going to find the x64 IGP xPress driver.  So I'm stuck continuing to run x86.  Although I still have x64 on the other hard disk (which I'm not using at the moment).

And I have installed and am currently running the TL-66 processor.

As for the post above, basically, that Coding Horror site just tells me to do what I have already said that I have already done.  XP IS STILL USING A PAGING FILE THAT I WANT ERADICATED.  I think I have used, at maximum load, 2GB of RAM at one time.  Possibly 2.5.  Which is still 1GB short of the XP reported maximum I have installed.  So there won't be any issues.  And, as I said, the paging file is S L O W.

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