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Inspiron 1520 AC Adapter Issues

I've never had a problem with my AC adapter till a few days ago. After plugging it into my computer, it stopped charging the computer and the green indicator light went out. I tried different outlets, each with a different response (some would turn the light on, some wouldn't). Eventually, no outlets would turn the adapter on. 

Yesterday my dad lent me his adapter (same specs as mine) and it worked, until I plugged it into a different (same one as with charger #1) outlet. Then it too has failed in the same way. Every so often, I can get the light to turn on momentarily before going out. Now my old adapter is working after not working a full day.

So my question: Is it a particular outlet that is killing the adapters, my computer, or something else? 

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Re: Inspiron 1520 AC Adapter Issues

You may need a new battery, but most likely a new adapter. I had the same situation, I borrowed my husband's adapter and my laptop stopped shutting down.  Some outlets worked and some didn't. I bought a new adapter and it has worked ever since.  You can find great deals at www.laptopz.com.  If the new adapter doesn't work, you might need to buy a battery. Adapters are cheaper, I would start there.

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