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Inspiron 1520 and Win7 or Win8

Hi, I have an inspiron 1520 which is still going strong.  It's time to re-install Windows.  I would like to install Win 7 or Win 8.  Has anyone with an Inspiron 1520 successfully installed Win 7 or Win 8?  Or is there a Dell tech maven who knows the answer to this question?

If it is possible, any advice based on practical experience about getting specific drivers needed would be much appreciated.

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Re: Inspiron 1520 and Win7 or Win8

Hi Tony,

Welcome to the Community. Yes I have seen a couple of posts from customers on the Dell Community Forums, who have loaded Windows 8 on the Inspiron 1520, and it worked with Windows Native Drivers. The Dell support Site does not have drivers for windows 7, and windows 8 for this system, however you can download the Vista drivers and run the driver using compatibility mode, which should work.

Thank you.

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