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Inspiron 1520 compatible enough with windows 7 ?

Hi all.

I have installed win 7 on my inspiron 1520 and i see 1 or 2 per day the blue screen and sometimes firefox crashes.

I have not installed any drivers or uncompatible programs.

i looked into dell website and i saw it was not listed as the compatible for 7.

What is the matter ? it s not recomended to be installed on inspiron 1520 ?

If not which of my hardware should be improved ?



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I use win 7 32 bit on my 1520 with bios A09 and it runs perfectly.

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Is that the original bios or you have updated it ?

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That's the latest bios that dell offered on their downloadsite...

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well. i am running A04.

you think by updating it the problem will be solved ?

and by the way i don t know how to update bios.  is it harmlos ?



Welcome to the Dell Community.

You can use the following link to verify the system requirements for installing Windows 7 on a computer.

If you wish to update your Bios to A09 - you can follow this link:

You will find the Installation instructions in the link.


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