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Inspiron 1520 dims on battery power.

The screen goes dim on battery power but brightens whenpower cord is plugged in. I have checked the settings for the battery brightness and its at the highest setting. I have tried all power levels and it does it on them also. I've tried the fn and up arrow button and it doesn't change unless you hit the down arrow and it dims. I'm running Windows 7 on it. Please advise to what the problem could be.

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Re: Inspiron 1520 dims on battery power.

Hi canfxit1,

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Please follow below steps:

1. Turn off the system.

2. Turn on the system again and tap F2 key few times at the Dell logo.

3. You will get a blue colored screen. (Please note the mouse will not respond on this screen. You need to use the keyboard to browse through)

4. Use the up and down arrow keys to highlight ‘video’.

5. Once ‘video’ tab is highlighted hit ‘enter’.

6. Use the down arrow key to highlight ‘brightness’. Hit ‘enter’ on ‘brightness’ after it is highlighted.

7. The prompt would move to the right side. Use the right arrow key to move the slider all the way to the Maximum.

8. Once it’s at maximum, hit ‘enter’ and the ‘brightness’ tab should be highlighted once again.

9. Hit Esc key and choose ‘save changes and exit’ and hit enter on it.

Your system will restart automatically and it should resolve the issue. Glad to help.

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RE: Inspiron 1520 dims on battery power.

this does not work on mt Vista 1520. Settings change but do not save. Brightness with battery reverts to 30%.

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