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Inspiron 1520 pp22l motherboard gone?



My pc was starting to go on the fritz, so after some hard drive issues I decided to install a new internal drive.  After a few good days my computer started to freeze an have thin black and white horizontal lines cross the screen.    This didn't happen during anything graphics-intesive, which makes me think its not a video issue.  After a reboot all was fine for a bit, and then it did it again.  Now it's happening before windows even gets started.  Any ideas?

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Re: Inspiron 1520 pp22l motherboard gone?

Sounds more like a bad display or video card.  See if the problem shows up on an external monitor -- if it doesn't, it's likely a bad display.  If it does, boot in safe mode -- if the image is OK there, it's likely a bad video card.


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