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Inspiron 1525 Bluetooth

Ok, going way back....I have a Inspiron 1525 with Vista operating system. I re-installed the operating system. After installing all drivers, still having problem with getting Bluetooth to work, I'm pretty sure the system had Bluetooth capabilities before. Tried before updating to SP1 & SP2 updates. Nothing shows in Device Manager as Bluetooth Device.

At a lost right now, tried everything that I know. After running R140135 driver and using setup and install file system says install is for Windows Vista only.

Any direction or how to find out if I actually have no Bluetooth device for sure.

Thanks in advance!

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RE: Inspiron 1525 Bluetooth

Bluetooth was optional so you might of not had it, tap [Fn] and [F2] together and see if there are any changes in the device manager. I would advise however to take the unofficial path to Windows 10 (as Vista is becoming obsolete):

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