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Inspiron 1525 Integrated Webcam not working

I know the topic heading isn't detailed so here goes:

I've had this laptop for about 9 years now and finally upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate N (laptop was factory shipped with Windows Vista).  Prior to the upgrade all systems fully ran and the only reason why I upgraded was because the system was running slow and after reading a few forums I decided it was time to get with the rest of the world (I was still using Internet Explorer).

Windows 7 Ultimate N is downloaded and running, I've even optimized a few performance features and it's almost like a new laptop still a little sluggish but manageable.  I noticed within the "Windows Updates" however that 3 drivers under "Other Devices" would not update so I went to investigate.

After attempting to look online for a solution of getting these drives I gave up, but it got me to thinking if there were any other unnoticed faults on the laptop.  The first I found was the microphone.  It was detected in the Device Manager and enabled but it was not working; this was checking through the "Sounds" and "Recording" feature.  Did a lot of digging through videos and forums online and finally found that the original driver for the laptop being Sigma Tel wasn't updated even though "Windows Updates" said it was.  While reading one forum stated that the microphone and integrated webcam are connected so I checked it as well.  Though "Windows Updates" says the device driver is updated it is still not working.

I have performed a diagnostics for the Camera, still nothing.  And opening the application through the Dell Webcam Central only has a black screen, which I have already read many forums about and tried to correct.  I don't want to have to give up on a solution for this but all signs point to say that there is no answer as to why or how to correct it.  The blue light doesn't even come on when I start the application, but when the PC Dell Diagnostics System runs it comes on as it's running it's test.  After the test it says it's fine.

Thanks in advance!


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RE: Inspiron 1525 Integrated Webcam not working


Did you do a clean install of Win 7 or was it Vista to Win 7 direct Upgrade?

If reinstalled, after reinstalling Win 7 OS, did you happen to install all drivers required?

Are there any devices with "!" in device manager?

Please be advised that the system model is obsolete and the system has not been tested for Win 7, hence, there are no Win 7 drivers available on the site.

Download and install the webcam driver - and install this in compatibility mode for Vista, restart the system and check if it works.

Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private message with the service tag and your Name for case records.

Let us know if you have any other queries.

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