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Inspiron 1525 Webcam isn't working correctly, colors completely reversed/wrong

99% sure the webcam on my laptop is fried but I figured I'd ask if anyone has any suggestions.  This laptop is the worst thing I've ever bought in my life, yet I am still using it.  Webcam worked for probably a month or two after I bought it... And now the camera just does whatever it wants.  Any suggestions how to fix this?  See the photo attached:


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Re: Inspiron 1525 Webcam isn't working correctly, colors completely reversed/wrong

Well you look very pretty colourful. 🙂

Although the colour is very messed up, you still have an image. First thing I would try doing is disabling the webcam in device manager.

Press [Windows] and [Pause|Break] go to device manager. Under Imaging Devices should be the webcam, disable it. Open Dell Webcam Centre (should get an error). Close Dell Webcam Centre and then re-enable the webcam. Open Dell Webcam Centre again. This is essentially restting the webcam's connection with Windows.

See if pressing down beside the webcam restores colour/gives you normal settings. Could be a very slight loose connection to the mainboard. This can be fixed but you need to take apart alot of the computer, shove the cable in place and rebuild it. Detailed instructions are here in the Service Manual. <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

You don't have any weird settings (animations etc running in the Dell Webcam Centre). Is it like this on the likes of Skype (with Dell Webcam Centre closed).

This laptop is only 2 months old and you have Vista, why don't you have Windows 7?

What other problems have you been experiencing on it. Maybe we can help with them also.

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