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Inspiron 1525: ? about intel chipset utility version #

Hi there

To make a long story short, I'm going to install Intel's latest release of its Storage Matrix driver for my laptop. (Dell has confirmed that the version I found is an upgrade of the version that is both on my machine and listed at Dell Support.  My question tho is about the chipset utility software on the machine: it's version -at Dell Support, its listed as the current version.  There is, however, on the Intel site, a version, released a few months back.  Several calls to Dell have been fruitless -nobody is willing or able to confirm that it's an upgrade applicable to my machine.

Question 1:  Does anybody here know?

The other thing is this: I don't have to install any chipset utility before the drivers if I can confirm that the version of the chipset software on the Inspiron is working.  But when I export the registry key to look.txt, all i get is this

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


which -in my admittedly limited experience- is incomplete.....and looking at the registry entry for Intel\InfInst is just as vague.

Question 2: Any advice on confirming if the chipset software is working?


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