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Inspiron 1525 loose hinge cover

Made a mistake of buying an Inspiron 1525 in 2008 in UK. 

Also purchased a 3 year NBD warranty when the 1 year CAR was about to be over. Was promised that I will be covered.

Moved to India.

A hinge problem appeared, the cover became loose. Twice visited the service centre and contacted the customer care through telephone.

They tell me that this problem is not covered under warranty. I am surprised. I have also gone through the NBD warranty terms and conditions here and there seems to be no reason for not taking care of this.  www.dell.com/.../nbd%20warranty%20sow.pdf

Apparently this is wear and tear. This is an exclusion in the T&C document for NBD warranty available with CC India. I find this hinge problem a common complaint and manufacturing defect having read scores of complaints here.

Although I have a NBD warranty, an engineer visit will cost me. 

The system was brought in late 2008 from UK and the NBD warranty for 3 years from Denmark by myself. It has always been and is still under warranty. Also, I have neither accidently nor maliciously damaged it.

Now I have to buy another warranty to protect (and repair) from accidental damage (which is absolutely not the case) for 10000 Rs. I can't show it to another vendor as it will void the existing useless warranty which is still supposed to be working for another year. And I am stuck without a clue.

Another case of DELL HELL, i guess.

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Re: Inspiron 1525 loose hinge cover

The hunges are a terrible bit of design; the right hand one appeared broken and was starting to stress the plastic frame. Found out how to remove the bezel, and found the hinge very stiff and the 2 screws holding the hinge to the screen were almost falling out. I was able to re-tighten and lubricate the hinge and now all seems ok. But it was shaken my faith in Dell.

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