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Inspiron 1525 not starting

Hi there, i have a Dell Inspiron 1525 adn while owrking on it the one day a rather heavy object fell onto the middle of the keyboard hard enough to dent the keyboard in, when this happened the machine just froze on that current screen and would not do a thing. Opened it up (have downloaded the manual from ftp site) coz after removing battery machine was just dead, have managed to get machine to switch on but all that happens is the power light comes on for a few seconds then goes off again, nothing happens on screen and if the hardrive is plugged in while attempted this it makes a loud squeek noise as the power light goes off.

Any body have any ideas on what i have maybe missed? desperately need to get the machine working again and have tried everything so far....PLEASE HELP that machine literally runs my entire life and do not have the cash flow to replace it right now.  thanks

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Re: Inspiron 1525 not starting

Hi cinbot,

Please release flea power and check the system is working, follow the steps below.

Switch off the system; remove the battery, ac adapter and the power cable. Press and hold down the power button for thirty seconds to drain any excess flea power. In case after performing the above step if the system is not working try connecting only the adapter and check if the system is working.

In case the problem persists, you may have to replace the motherboard. If the system is not covered under the warranty, phone number is 1-800-288-4410 (U.S. customer) to speak to out of warranty repair department. If you’re from a different region please let us know.

Thanks and regards,
Senthil S
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