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Inspiron 1564 hard drive size limit

Hello, I'm about to replace the original HD for my Inspiron 1564 and I wonder if there's a capacity limit. Dell suggests to check for it inside the manuals, but I've found nothing so far. I would like to install a 750GB HD, replacing the current WD 500GB.

at this link, a Dell employee answers Inspiron 15 (1564) limit is 500GB:

but in the Dell shop, they're selling a 750GB one, and Inspiron 15 (1564) is among the supported 

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

Can somebody clarify this please? 🙂

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RE: Inspiron 1564 hard drive size limit

Any SATA drive that will physically fit the system (9.5 mm or slimmer) will work. 

Note:  If you buy a 7 mm drive, you may need a shim to install the drive:


Without the shim, the drive may not stay connected to the system board.

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