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Inspiron 15R 5537 WEBCAM NOT WORKS on WNDOWS 10

Hello everyone, I did a reinstall of Windows 10 and apparently it worked fine except for the webcam, when it start the camera the LED next to the camera is turned on but no image appears, when I close the application the light does not turn off and if I try to run it again appears a message saying that other program is using it so I have to turn off the laptop

I followed the instructions for troubleshooting, uninstalling the device and restarting the laptop, windows installs again the drivers but the problem is not corrected, also has made updating drivers for the computer less than the BIOS. I had a bad experience with an update BIOS with the same equipment and the mainboard was damaged and had to be rerepleaced.

Someone have any idea about this issue 

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RE: Inspiron 15R 5537 WEBCAM NOT WORKS on WNDOWS 10


The same here with my lap too. I just uninstalled windows 10 and reinstalled windows 8.1, but still i have that issue...If anyone found any solutions plz let us know.

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