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Inspiron 15R 7537 Screen Replacement

I own an Inspiron 7537 touch version, and love it. About a month ago, black lines started appearing on the top corners, then became big blotches. Now the entire screen is greenish and there are visible lines. In short, the screen is dying and it has become ugly. 

In short, the screen is dying and it has become ugly. 

My laptop is 2.5 years old and I don't have any warranties. I live in India. Can anyone please help me with what options I may have? I am capable of installing a replacement screen by myself, where I have two very important questions in my mind:

1. What is the best screen replacement option for me

Where do I get after warranty support from dell, and will it be as feasible as just replacing the panel myself? What will be the cost differences and options

2. Can I upgrade my panel to a 1080p while I'm at it?

as far as I know, keeping the screen off and connecting to a 1080p external monitor, I can use the digitizer and it scales well to the whole 1080p external monitor(i am using Ubuntu). Which hints that I may upgrade just the panel and the touchscreen combo will work just fine. 

Does anyone have any experience or thought on the matter? Help will be much appreciated!

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RE: Inspiron 15R 7537 Screen Replacement

You can do the repair yourself, have a local shop do it, or have Dell do it.  For Dell, you'll need to get an estimate of the repair cost - which in turn will cost you a support call:


You can use an upgraded panel but will also need to replace the wiring harness that connects the mainboard to the screen.  For the hardware options, see parts-people.com.

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