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Inspiron 15R Laptop Selectively Unresponsive

I have a Dell Inspiron 15R Laptop purchased under a year ago. While this is fairly new, even in the technology world, with a i7 processor and 16GB RAM it sometimes runs unbelievably slow especially compared to the older laptops of my coworkers with slower processors, less RAM, etc. We'd be running the same programs and their laptops would finish much faster than mine despite how "up to date" mine is supposed to be. Recently, I got the blue screen problem and shortly after I ran all sorts of diagnostics using the F12 function at start-up as well as the Dell website. Both returned nothing, saying my computer was fine.

The newest installment in my problems is unresponsiveness when clicking. I noticed it when I had Adobe open and then it continued with everything else including Google Chrome and Firefox. Clicking a button (such as the 'x' out or 'minimize') would do have absolutely no response or would do something completely unrelated (clicking 'back' in Chrome opened a new tab). I'd really like to enjoy my Dell Laptop but it's given me nothing but problems and this is proving extremely frustrating and time-consuming. If someone could, please help. Thank you.

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