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Inspiron 15R SE 7520 IRST Failed RAID

Looking at a laptop for a friend for basic cleanup etc and noticed that on boot there is an issue in the IRST screen after entering CTRL+I.

The RAID Volumes shows ID 0, NAME Volume0, Level RAID0 (Stripe) Strip 128KB, Size 59.6GB, Status Failed, Bootable NO

Physical devices shows:

ID 0 <HD info> Size 931.5 GB, type NON-RAID disk

ID 1 Samsung SSD PM83, Size 29.8 GB, type Member Disk (0)

When I look at the iRST GUI in windows it shows the missing member.

What member is required and how do I recreate the RIAD  it is looking for.

Is it required for using the SSD as a cache disk and for accelerated disk?

What is down side other than an annoyance?

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