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Inspiron 15R SE 7520 performance


Been having this problem for a while and figured I'd try get it fixed now.. The Inspiron 15R SE, which I've had for about a year has always had poor performance when using the "high performance" option (the ATI GPU) in games.
I've tried a few different games (diablo 3, skyrim etc.), including some very old ones (half life 1) just to tell if its incompatible drivers.

I've tried using the AMD system monitor to see if its not really using the ATI card. But I'm pretty sure it is, when using power saving mode, the the GPU usage for the ATI card is 0% and when its in "high performance" it goes up.

The difference in performance is quite large, the "power saving" (Intel GPU) something like 25-30fps in diablo 3 (lowest detail) and the "high performance" gets about 15fps. This is the case for all games I've tried (power saving being about twice the speed of the high performance).

I've used the intial gfx drivers that came with the machine for a while and a few days ago updated to 13.4 via the "amd driver downloader" tool.

I was using Windows 7 and have been using Windows 8 for the past few months.

The Intel GPU "feels" about the right level of performance? 30fps on a new game, but shouldn't the ATI (7730m) be getting much better? or at least better than the intel one :).

Any ideas would be grateful :)

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