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Inspiron 15R touch screen laptop is apparently dead & won't turn on!

I have an Inspiron 15R touchscreen laptop that will not turn on at all now. I've tried clearing the RAM. I've tried taking out the battery & attempting to power up with just the AC adapter & nothing. I tried plugging in the AC adapter while holding down the power button...nothing. My warranty ended in January, go figure. I put off servicing this due to health reasons and now it seems from everyone else's issues with this laptop that I'm "SOL." I bought this laptop just for creating graphic designs & editing photos & videos. I barely got to use the laptop to be completely honest and now I honestly don't know what to do. If I lose all of this work from all these past years, I can't imagine where I'm going to be able to start again.

Not to mention my backup Dell laptop is now also not starting. It doesn't recognize the battery, OR the AC adapter. When I tried to remedy that issue, Windows wouldn't start. So I'm out of options, & all of my laptops. My 3rd older version of a Dell laptop overheated, fried the screen, & all the necessary connections on the inside.

I'm now typing this from my iPad mini, a piece of equipment that has actually stayed reliable for me. I never wanted to admit it, but now I see first hand why people prefer Apple over PC's. I don't have time to worry about customizing every single detail about my devices & operating systems. All I know is that I need reliable platforms to carry out my work for myself, and my clients; Dell has definitely jeopardized my entire business with these issues. I think it's safe to say that someone needs to be working on more viable solutions to help us customers get what we paid for. I expected more coming from a client of Taradata.

If anyone else has had any success, please let me know. Otherwise I think it's time for me to try to figure out how to invest in some new Apple products. Dell laptops have now been a huge headache, roadblocks, & letdowns to me working towards graduating college, starting up my own business, & now fulfilling orders & deadlines to important clients & customers of mine. Let's hope by the end of this, I still have any clients to attend to.

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RE: Inspiron 15R touch screen laptop is apparently dead & won't turn on!


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We understand your frustration without a functional system. Sorry about that. We’ll surely look into it. Please provide us the service tag/ express service code via private message, so that we can check for more details and assist you. To send a private message, click on my name and select send private message.

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