Inspiron 15r se 7520 AMD not working.

When I install the up to date driver for the AMD, after reboot it blue screens my laptop and I have to do a system restore back to the Basic Display Adapter driver.

I have tried every single guide I could find and many different ways of uninstalling/installing both the Intel HD Graphics and the AMD.

I took the laptop to a local shop and he said he too couldn't get it to install and seems like the solder around the GPU may have fractured, the only fix being a Re-Flow?!?

I've looked up Re-Flowing and I would give it a try. My only worry is baking the whole board and turning the laptop into a brick.

I can currently play a small number of my games with only the Intel HD but I missing my other games that require the AMD.

Should I try the Re-Flow? Or is there another option?

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