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Inspiron 15z ultrabook

i have a inspiron 15x ultrabook, recently my computer won't start, and if i try to start it I get a blank screen and 4 beeps

from what i understand 4 beeps means something wrong with the memory module, so i thought the rams are shot and i bought 2 new 4 gig each module. however, after i got the new ones i get the same problem, won't start and 4 beeps.

so now i decide to only insert one of the module and now the computer starts. i suppose one of the memory slot is busted? how do we fix this?

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RE: Inspiron 15z ultrabook

Hi Htyen,

Since the memory ports on the system are faulty the system board needs to be replaced. I would suggest you private message me the system service tag and name registered on it to check for warranty options and assist you.

To send a private message, click on my name and select ‘Send private message’.

Let us know your findings.

Thanks and Regards,
Farooq Ahmed
Dell Social Media and Community Professional
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