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Inspiron 17 7737 shutting down if touched on the wrong spot


I have this bad problem with my laptop. I noticed it right away when I bought it (one month ago). Basically if pressure is applied on the bottom of the laptop where the battery cover is, the laptop will shut down. So if I'm not very careful when I grab my laptop to lift him from the table, for example, it will shutdown.

Now that I know where the trouble spot is (bottom left side of the laptop), I can just apply a slight pressure with two fingers and the laptop will shutdown immediately. Most of the times I can just reboot the computer, but some other times I need to insert an AC adapter, otherwise the computer will not reboot.

Also, often after I reboot after this shutdown, windows will show that the battery was fully discharged, while before touching the spot and the shutdown event, the battery was nowhere close to be discharged.

It seems like a mechanical/battery issue.

Of course this does not happen when I'm on AC. Only when the laptop is in battery only operation.

What should I do? Is this a known issue for this model?

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RE: Inspiron 17 7737 shutting down if touched on the wrong spot

It definitely sounds like a failure, and the fact that it is causing the battery to discharge can be damaging to the system. You have done the legwork to determine the precise cause of the issue, and now it should be up to Dell support to discuss repair or replace options. I would not continue using this system past this point as additional issues may arise, and can, even if a remote possibility, cause loss of files and information. 

Im sorry to hear about this hassle, but I am glad the issue was pinpointed so well 🙂

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