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Inspiron 17 - very slow, HD hovers 95% of the time

I have an Inspiron 17, purchased about February 2014, so like 18 months old.

It is extremely slow - starting up, logging in, starting name it. Starting Chrome can take a minute.

I start Task Manager to see what's up, and it says the HDD is at 95%+ for the first 10-15 minutes of use - or after logging in. The thing is, the total numbers don't add up to much - sometimes less than 1MB/s, in 0.1 MB/s increments. Dropbox seems to be a culprit, as does Microsoft Search Indexer.


- Run several anti-malware programs

- Scanned for viruses

- Run the Iolo system checkup that Dell offers

- Run the Dell System Detect diagnostics

- Ran CrystalDiskMark (a HDD benchmarking app)

- Disabled anything I don't need running on startup

Still slow as a dog.

I was hoping I could compare notes with others who have similar setups, to try and see whether it's just a slow computer or there's something wrong with this one.

It's under warranty, so I'd like to get it resolved.

Total Specs:

Win 8.1, i5-4200U @ 1.6Ghz, 8G mem, 500G HDD, 40% full

Any help greatly appreciated!


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