Inspiron 1720 monitor has thin green vertical line

I had been reading a report from a Dell Technical Analyst about this problem and he says that it is caused by some LCD screens that Dell purchased from a particular manufacturer. This is a known Dell problem. 

When I telephoned the number that this Analyst has online for technical support, which he says that Dell will provide, I was sent from one connection to another to another and finally when I mentioned that Dell would be the least likely computer that we would be looking to purchase, 'Gary' disconnected me. Not one person to whom I spoke was helpful, supportive or seemed to give a darn and I was not rude, loud or a 'nasty customer' in any way. Frustrated is what I had become, after being sent from pillar to post and back again, with no help forthcoming.

We have purchased three computers from Dell in the past and were willing to purchase another within the next month. Is this what Dell has become; a company that doesn't give a darn about it's customers and doesn't own up to it's responsibilities? I know that we are not the only customers who have become very disillusioned with Dell, as I've been reading about this in the blogs about the green line and the customer service problems.

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