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Inspiron 17R 7720 se blank and black screen when turning on


Few month ago motherboard of my 7720 inspiron decided to pass away. suddenly the laptop had turned on and when plugging the AC adapter the blue light indicator turned off. I've understood that the motherboard is broken (after discussing with some technicians as well). recently I've purchased new motherboard and hopped that my laptop will be back to life but it won't...

after replacing with the new motherboard the light indicators are turning on and even the quick access buttons are turning on as well but the screen remains black and blank without the fan working! I've tried the following:

1. turning off the laptop and pressing the power button for 15-20 sec without power plugged in.

it helped but the windows logo got freeze and after rebooting the laptop once again it has returned to the same black and blank position.

2. display check (long pressing D) is OK.

3. I've even ran the diagnostics check and it's OK as well. 

can it be just a bios update issue?

please help me!

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