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Inspiron 17r SE RAM question

Hi, I've purchased an Inspiron 17r SE from a Dell outlet/re-seller (Waiting for it to arrive) and the machine has 12gb DDR3 1600mhz ram - which I think is compromised out of 1x8gb and 1x4gb as I believe the laptop only has 2 slots for RAM. It was only after I had purchased it that I found out you shouldn't really use uneven amounts of RAM such as 6gb or 12gb because the laptop can't run it in the dual channel mode like it could if you had 2x4gb or 2x8gb. So my question is really, should I open the laptop up once it arrives and sell the 4gb stick and replace it with another 8gb so there's 16gb in total or shall I just leave it how it is with 12gb running in the single channel mode (possibly with the intel Flex memory thing) The primary use is Internet browsing, video watching/ streaming and gaming - no sort of heavy photoshop use or video editing. Any advise would be appreciated thanks
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Re: Inspiron 17r SE RAM question

Hi Jrad44.  

Dell has only tested this laptop with a maximum of 8 GB. As you mentioned the system has two slots where you may have 2*4GB memory. System may or may not read 8GB memory in a single slot. Dell has not tested this combination.

You may check with reseller if they upgraded the memory to 12GB. Because of optimum dual-channel performance, even if the system has 12GB, the system may detect only 4GB memory.

You may remove the 8GB memory and replace with another 4GB which gives maximum of 8GB memory.

Please find the link below for instruction to replace the memory:


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