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Inspiron 3521 laptop not switching on


From last 2 days, I have seen that my laptop 3521 Dell doesn't switch on at all. Second thing I have observed is that, when I have my charger connected to the plug point (not connected to the laptop), I see the green light on the charger as ON, but the moment I connect it to the laptop, the light from the charger turns OFF and ultimately, my laptop doesn't charge. I mean no power supplied.

What do you think is the solution to this problem?

The steps I have carried over so far are -

1) I have tried checking the laptop battery by taking it out and reputing it in the laptop and trying to see if it works, same problem.

2) I have tried checking if everything is okay with the charger, but still the same problem.

Any suggestion or solution to this problem, would be greatly appreciated.



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RE: Inspiron 3521 laptop not switching on

If the system is under warranty, call Dell -- if not, first try replacing the DC jack. If that doesn't take care of it, the mainboard needs to be replaced.

This is the DC jack part:


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RE: Inspiron 3521 laptop not switching on

Hi EJN63,

Thanks for your reply.

As you told me, I researched a bit and gave my Dell Inspiron 3521 i5 laptop about 6 weeks ago for replacing the mother board to an authorized service centre in Navi Mumbai - India. However, after waiting for 6 weeks, I got the answer from the service rep saying that, the part # LA-9101P Bias cheap is not available anywhere in the market, you can try fixing this issue on your own.

I said, whatda....! AFter waiting for 6 weeks, you are asking me to fix this on my own? My first question to that service rep was, if I'd have been a company like Dell, I'd have manufacturered my own computer product and used it, I wouldn't have approached for Dell products. That was seriously so frustrating.

Secondly, I'm now looking for this particular part of motherboard for my inspiron 3521 i5 from the local market, coz I have no choice. The service rep told me that they enquired few of their networks in Banglore, Pune service centres, but they don't have that part number (LA-9101p) available.

I'd like to know that if a company like Dell, doesn't have backup support of the parts, why do they manufacture such product, which ultimately comes to customer to face such difficulties?

This is absolutely disappointing and so frustrating.

Please do let me know, now as to what should I do for which I have spent about 40000 INR ($650.00).  Seriously never ever will recommend Dell products to anyone. 

Waiting for your reply soon.

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