Inspiron 3552 screen crash issues

One week ago, I purchased a new Dell Inspiron 3552 with Windows 10. It worked well for the first day. The next morning, however, I turned it on (it had been shut down), and the screen crashed after a minute or two. By "crash" I mean that it visibly glitched for a split second, then froze completely (but with seemingly no effect on other functions). I shut it down and turned it back on; the same thing happened a minute later. After a couple more restarts, I got it working fine until the next restart.

For the next few days, the same issue occurred whenever it shut down or restarted, and again corrected itself (seemingly) after several manual restarts. Anytime from 10 seconds to five minutes after startup (with the exception of one time when it made it to fifteen to twenty minutes), the screen would freeze. If it worked, it worked, and if it didn't, it didn't.

Two days ago, however, the same series of crashes began occurring after the computer had sat idle for too long (i.e., overnight). The number of restarts required to get it working again has also slowly increased. The best thing for it now, it seems, is to get it working and use it at least every couple hours.

So on to the point: Is there anything I can do about this, is this a consequence of my own misuse, or is this an issue that would require a professional to correct?

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