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Inspiron 5000 problem with internet


I have a brand new 3 days old Inspiron 17" 5000, ordered form Dell's website.

It was very slow to start but worked for the first day.  Now since 2 days I have problem with my internet connection. It appears that when this computer is ON, the internet is so slow, that nothing works. When I stop this computer, my iMac and my iPhone are working great and super fast again.

is it the Dell or Windows 10 doing something ???

thank you for your help.

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RE: Inspiron 5000 problem with internet

I think there could be a ongoing update with the Windows 10 that you have. Since you mentioned that its brand new, it may be updating it to the up to date version of windows. You can always check it under settings > updates in Windows.

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RE: Inspiron 5000 problem with internet

Since you mentioned its a new computer and that the internet becomes slow only when the Dell is on, it is most likely the windows updates that are running in the background. I would suggest going to through with the windows updates. Let me know if it the issue persists after its through with the updates. Alternatively, windows updates can be disabled, however I wouldn't recommend that.

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