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Inspiron 5520 is crashed and not booting up with Windows 10

Inspiron 5520 is crashed and not booting up with Windows 10

Hi Friends,

My Inspiron 5520 is not booting up with Windows 10. When starting it is showing Dell logo and it progresses.. I can see right bottom the options Like F2 SETUP,F12 BOOT OPTIONS.

But nothing happening after this..I am getting a black blue mix screen with cursor is blinking with circult (windows processing sign). If I kept on system - once in a whiel its blinks with / black screen nothing loading. Sometimes its showing a Square of blur colors in middle of the screen but doing nothing.

I have not manually upgraded from Win 8 to 10 - it was a recommendation from Dell online support. And ran a check whether my machine meet necessary pre-requisites to upgrade Win 10. After checking and passing only I agreed to upgrade to 10 and have been using this for last about 5 months without any issues.

It suddenly facing this issue - If I kept remain open the laptop though its not loading.. but seems backend processor is still running and trying load something but not coming up. Some time its showing blank screen, flickering with thinking circle with mouse icon shows and white background.

BTW the last working session was turned off by force shutdown. I am suspecting it might have crashed due to the force shutdown.

I Tried multiple times to check BIOS and F2 Setup or F12 with diagnosing but nothing worked.

I have successfully completed - Dell Pre-boot System Diagnostics without any issues - all tests passed but still its not booting. (I have disconnected all the connectors like hdmi, wireless mouse etc.). Problem not resolving.

I am totally stuck. My laptop's warranty period is over. I need your help.

Thanks & Regards,


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