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Inspiron 5547 right hinge issue

I am a dell customer since June 2015 who purchased Inspiron 5547 from amazon. Last week, I encountered a little sound at the right hinge. I went a head and reported to Dell Support who asked to the send the laptop. Along with the hinge issue, I also asked to inspect the fan & battery. The very next day, I had to talk to out-of-warranty support as their was a billable hold. I learned that, Dell had considered right hinge issue as a physical damage and not to cover it as a part of warranty. Therefore, I was asked to pay 269$+tax. I tried my best explaining that, this shouldn't be considered as a physical damage. I never ever dropped my laptop. After many requests they agreed to fix the issue for 159$+tax. Otherwise, they would send the laptop with only the parts fixed which come under warranty. Being a student, I can't afford any money. I am worried that the condition may go worse, if the issue isn't resolved. Trust me, you don't find a single mark or scratch to show "this is due to physical damage". I am disappointed, every-time the call, people transfer me to different departments and it goes circles and circles. I spend more than 7-8hours on these customer service calls and nobody would help me(few even disconnected). It is already 5 days now. I am going behind at the school-work everyday. Today, I found 9 forums and saw few customers have experienced the same. I will mention all the case details below. Please write back, if you need more information. Please somebody help me.
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