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Inspiron 5559 (FAN MALFUNCTION)

Hello Dell community,

I have a problem with me Inspirion 5559 i7.

It all about with FAN... it started to make some unusual load noise ...and when i have time i did diagnostic when i reboot. the fan dint respond so I continue and suddenly the fan work again, and again another loud noise every time I finish playing games, and one time suddenly my laptop shudown itself while I'm playing

I do vacuum at the ventilation area, and still same problem,

I did reboot and Error says:

Fan- The fan failed to respond correctly ( Previous Fan ) Fan Malfunction

Error Code 2000-0712

i brought this Dell last December 2015.

Can someone help me on this, cuz im afraid if someday this laptop it will not open.


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RE: Inspiron 5559 (FAN MALFUNCTION)

Contact Dell Support in your country, verify that the system is still in warranty period, on your invoice / order it will be listed or online on the Dell Support site.

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