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Inspiron 5567, keyboard replacement to backlit, disassembly


I have purchased a Dell Inspiron 5567 and wish to upgrade the keyboard to a Backlit one. The keyboard I have bought is compatible with the laptop, and the laptop also has the connector on the Mainboard for the backlight flex cable. The problem is that the present keyboard does not seem to come off. It is under the Palmrest and secured from the back with a sheet metal which is moulded into the body of the laptop. I have contacted some people and they said that in order for the keyboard to come out I would have to break these seals/moulds. Is this recommended or should I just stick to the normal non-backlit keyboard the laptop came with? I am also concerned about voiding the warranty if I do this modification.

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RE: Inspiron 5567, keyboard replacement to backlit, disassembly

The touchpad-palmrest-keyboard is a single assembly on this model - the entire assembly needs to be replaced as a single unit.


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