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Inspiron 5720 (17R) w/ Broken screen wont boot or connect to external moniters

I have an Inspiron 5720 laptop that i got about a year and a half ago from dell. A few months in i had closed the screen on an earbud , and not long after, the screen stopped working all together. I deduced i could just connedt it to an external monitor via VGA or HDMI cable, which worked like a charm for a while, until just recently (unbeknownst to me) my internet service was cut for a while. Me thinking i know everything figured my laptop had aquired a virus that messed with my network drivers. After installing multiple drivers to no avail, i decided to restore my laptop to a previous date, before i got the virus to hopefully fix the problem. This didnt work. It made things worse. After the computer rebooted after the restore, the first problem occured; no video showed up on the monitor connected with my HDMI cable. I thought it could be a problem with the cable because nothing else had been changed. I switched cables and tried again, and nothing. I tried using a VGA cable to connect also and that didnt work either. I have tried 400 billion different suggestions from some friends that dfo know a bit about computers. Ive tried closing the lid while booting to force video to the external, which didnt work. Ive tried putting in a windows 7 installation disc to try and boot from that. Ive taken out the a stick of ram and tried booting with nothing either. Any concievable option that we could come up with has been exhausted. It makes it worse that the screen on the laptop itself is busted and cant see anything, or have any slight visual cues as to whats showing up. just the backlight lights up and nothing else. 

Im able to push CTRL+ALT+DEL and it reboots, but nothing happens after that. I let it sit a while and tried again today. The same thing happens but now i get 2 faint short beeps when it turns on which i have no clue what it means. If anyone can give any suggestions as to how i can fix it, that would be great. Also, im aware of the option of buying a new screen but unfortunatly i cant dish out the $70 to spend on one. 

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