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Inspiron 5720 wifi not work with Windows 10 on mSATA

I have a Dell Inspiron 5720. When I have Windows 10 installed on internal hard drive in primary slot,

wifi works fine.

I need to have multiple OS. So I add a mSATA 128 GB, an SATA SSD on HDD primary slot, and an SATA SSD  on DVD slot. Now I have Windows 10 installed on mSATA drive, Linux installed on primary slot, and another Linux installation on DVD slot SSD.

Now I have a problem with Windows 10 installed on mSATA SSD. The wi-fi does not work, although the gigabit network interface works fine. I see wi-fi card is recognized in Windows 10 device manager, and function properly. But it shows wi-fi tuned off. Even I go to control panel to turn on wi-fi, it won't actually turn on, and eventually shows wi-fi turned off.

I also notice that in Linux, I can not turn on wi-fi either. When there was no mSATA card, and no SSD drive in DVD slot, I had Linux installed on promary slot SSD, the wi-fi was working also.

So I think there may be a hardware conflict somewhere when I have a mSATA, a primary SSD, and a 2nd SSD in DVD slot.

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