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Inspiron 6000 Boot Problem

Hey there Y'all

Got given a 6k from a family member to see if I could fix. Original prob was the screen would power up with a boot, then get a bit dull, then get all jittery & finally become so vague you could not see a thing.

Took it home thinking inverter or worse screen. All works OK with an external monitor

Stripped it with the aid of the online manual & Gawd what a load of dirt as you'd expect.

Did a througher clean up careful of static etc. Did a test boot & dispite power lights coming on & hearing the HD spin up; the unit powers down about 5 seconds later. The CPU fan won't spin during this boot up attempt & despite checking all connections & ensuring all is bedded correctly, I can't get to boot.

Any pointers as I'm considering E-bay to get a wreck to salvage the chip, memory, DVD/RW & the HD.

Tried going through this Dell library but no joy.

Thanks in advance...

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