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Inspiron 600m AC Adapter Issues...

Hello, I'm having issues with a replacement AC adapter I received today.  The laptop was purchased in 2004 and about 8-12 months ago the adapter cord broke/frayed at the end that plugs into the laptop.  So, for the past year the laptop has not been used.  I'm sure the battery is probably toast by now, however, when I plug the new AC adapter into the laptop, I get nothing.  I cannot power on the laptop and the battery is not charging.  The green LED on the adapter brick is flashing at a rate of about 4 times per second.  When I unplug the adapter from the back of the laptop, the green LED stays lit, and when I plug it back in, it starts flashing again.  I have checked the power outlet, the cord from the outlet to the brick and the cord from the brick to the computer.  All connections seem to be in order.  The laptop is getting hot (it always has when turned on or plugged into the AC adapter) on the front right bottom.  I have exhausted searching archives for a soultion to no avail.  Am I wrong in thinking the laptop should operate whether the battery is good or not, as long as it is plugged into the AC adapter?  I appreciate any help or tips anyone may provide...

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Re: Inspiron 600m AC Adapter Issues...


A better place to post this in, would be the Laptop forum HERE, this forum is for desktop systems.



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Re: Inspiron 600m AC Adapter Issues...

Hello ieatpuddin,

You mentioned that your 600m is getting hot , but did say where it is hot. I believe the flashing brick light is indicating a short.

Try removing the battery. With the ac adapter connected to the laptop try to power it on without the battery in it. If the brick lights still flashes

you have a short in the laptop or the ac adapter is bad. If you have and know how to use a VOM (Volt - Ohm- Meter) then measure the AC adapter

DC voltage. It should be around 20 VDC. Measure from outside ring to inside ring. (not the tip pin). This pin is a ID bit used to identify the brick to the laptop.

If the voltage is good then the problem is probably in the laptop. Remove all you can from the laptop one at time. recommend this order.

All external cables except power adapter - PCMCIA card if present - CDROM - HD -Wireless card - Memory. If you get any lights then the last removed device

is bad. Good luck.

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