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Inspiron 6400 reinstall vista

My hard drive went bad and one stick of ram went bad.  I replaced the hard drive and moved the stick of ram to the first slot.  I tried to reinstall vista to the new hard drive using the DVD.  I set the BIOS to look for boot on CD/ DVD.  It did not open DVD.  Got this message:  No bootable devices.  I tried presing the F12 for boot menu and changing the setting to CD/DVD still it did not work.  Help! 

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Re: Inspiron 6400 reinstall vista

Try to see if your Disc will work on another computer. If it does the problem lies with your DVD drive. Your options are to try to reseat the DVD drive like so: how to remove DVD drive for Inspiron 6400, if that still does not work you may need to have your DVD drive replaced as well, or just get an external  usb DVD drive. 

Also test if you can boot using the "Drivers and Utilities Disc" if it does, that means the Drive works fine and the disc needs to be replaced.


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