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Inspiron 7353 (13 7000 Special Edition) - Graphics Driver Stopped Responding

Hi everyone - periodically, while using the new Edge browser on Windows 10 - my laptop will freeze up and give a "Graphics Driver has stopped responding and recovered message".  It happens on certain websites more than others (Facebook, CNN, a couple of forums that I frequent)

I haven't noticed the issue in other browsers, although I really like Edge and prefer to use it - especially in tablet mode.

I can make the problem go away by going to Internet Options -> Advanced -> Accelerated Graphics and *Un* checking "Use Software Rendering Instead of GPU Rendering".

Doing this, however, obviously results in choppier page loads and sluggish performance while running Video or games.

Is there an update or hotfix that can fix this? My graphics drivers are all updated to the latest provided on Dell's website.

I will post an event log entry the next time it happens, but just putting this out there in the mean time.

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