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Inspiron 7437 reinstalling win 8 in a RAID array


Actually I have 2 problems...

1. My hard drive has got corrupted. I want to transfer all partitions (including recovery) to a new disk. Is there a way in windows or Dell software to do it, or I should attach them both to another computer to do the cloning....? The computer has a RAID array configuration with a 32 Gb Liteon SSD and a 500Gb Seagate drive, will the new disk be automatically accepted into the array or do I have to do it manually... 

2. The reason my hard disk got corrupted in the first place is because whenever windows goes into the sleep mode... and wakes up it does not find my hard drive. I have to press the power button to shut it down and restart before it finds the hard drive again... What could be the cause of this weird behavior?


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