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Inspiron 7520 - what does this error code mean?

My notebook PC is an Inspiron 7520 with a feature called "Intel SRT (Smart Response Technology)" or "Intel RST (Rapid Storage Technology)".

However I have disabled Intel SRT in the BIOS; instead I chose AHCI as the SATA Operation mode.

The mSATA card, which is 32GB in size, sits idle on the daughter card inside my laptop PC. In fact I used a feature in Parted Magic ( ) to completely and securely erase any traces of data. It has a drive letter of Hard Drive 0.

My OS resides on my primary hard disk drive, which is a 240GB SSD. This has a drive letter of Hard Drive 1.

I ran a diagnostics tests on my laptop PC yesterday. The tests could be launched by pressing F12 during the boot up process and then selecting "Diagnostics" (without quotes).

Below are the results of the tests:

Error code: 2000-0145
Validation 71301
Message: Hard Drive 0 - S/N: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx self-test did not complete
Technical support will need this information to diagnose the problem
Please record the above error and validation codes
Do you wish to continue?
Yes     No     Retry
Upon clicking the "Yes" button, the following message appeared on the screen:
Testing completed. One or more errors were detected.

Could someone help me diagnose the problem?

N.B.: I suppressed the S/N (serial number) of my mSATA card for security reasons.

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Re: Inspiron 7520 - what does this error code mean?

I'd be interested in a reply also.  I have a brand new SSD as the primary boot drive and diagnostics shows exact same error. Drive is working fine.  My system is L701x

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Re: Inspiron 7520 - what does this error code mean?

Hi innogen,

The hard drives should be working fine as 0145 error is because the laptop is not able to complete the test. I suggest that you select the mSATA and the SSD seperately and run test on them. During the 'Diagnostics' there is an option of 'Custom test' from where you can select hard drive and select which drive to run the test on. Please let me know if you see any more error message during the test.

I hope this helps.

Please let me know in case of any queries.

Thanks and regards
Harish R

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Re: Inspiron 7520 - what does this error code mean?

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