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Inspiron 7538 - Black screen after boot, sleep , hibernation

The black screen is coming after more than few minutes of sleep or computer off.

I know for sure that the computer works because connecting it to other external screen works fine all the time.

If I try to wake it from hibernation, sleep or even off after short (up to 10 minutes ~) time it works fine as well.

After this time period, I have to press hard turn off for few times in order to resolves this.

Things I have done so far:

1. Downloaded new Bios

2. Format windows to new windows 10

2. Set Hibernation to non active.

3. set sleep to hibernation to NEVER

4. Disable fast startup

Already ran bios test and all came fine

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RE: Inspiron 7538 - Black screen after boot, sleep , hibernation

If you don't have the computer sleep/hibernate does it work fine regardless if you're using internal/external monitor? And when it doesn't return from sleep does it always seem to work using an external screen? Also, I know you reinstalled but have you tried updating the video drivers from the Dell site?

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