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Inspiron 7567 Game Issues


I ordered the laptop on amazon on prime day, received it and everything worked great. However when I installed ghost warrior 3 and noticed stuttering so I put it on low settings, still stuttering. I enabled the fps counter and was getting no drops and was getting 40+ fps. Anyways I thought it was the game, went to Rocket League and same exact issue, getting 90+ fps but stuttering and fps doesn't seem to drop. Then same with CS:GO and then I got IGI(I'm going in), a game from 2001 and exact same issue. Com'on my mobile could run that!

Anyways I hit amazon up and they sent me another one, arrived today. Same exact problem so I hit a Dell representative up(phone was down so chatted). He made me re-install windows and install drivers again. No luck at all. 

So this happens on two laptops from amazon.co.uk. I'm probably going to return unless anyone has a fix for this.

Thank you.

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